Financial Planning

We understand both the opportunities and the risks which come with investments. That’s why our expert team works to provide not only advice but tangible results.

We will develop customised solutions to help you:

  • establish good financial habits
  • set and achieve your short and long-term financial goals
  • understand the risk involved in investments and how to manage those risks
  • educate you on new investment opportunities to generate wealth
  • decide what matters most to you to develop a financial plan that helps grow, manage and protect your wealth.

How can we help you achieve your financial goals?

  • Managed Investments

    We draw on a broad range of investment vehicles to construct our bespoke investment solutions. Client portfolios typically include a blend of direct shares, exchange-traded funds, listed investment companies and managed funds.

    Our model portfolios, investment views and policies are formulated by our investment committee. The committee is composed of a highly qualified and experienced team of Asparq, advisers, and executives with extensive investment experience. Asparq share portfolios are researched and managed by our in-house specialists as part of the investment committee.

  • Retirement Planning

    One of the most common questions clients have is, how much is enough? The follow-up question is just as important to consider: how do I get there?

    Our advisers are specialists in helping you to understand what is required to fund your retirement goals, drawing on a range of strategies and investment solutions to ensure complete financial confidence for your future.

  • Superannuation

    Our advisers will discuss your personal circumstances and level of involvement in your superannuation so that we can give you an informed recommendation. This will usually cover options such as industry funds, low-cost retail platforms, superannuation wraps and self-managed super funds.

  • Aged Care

    The entry of a loved one into aged care is an emotional time. It doesn’t help that on top of finding and securing a place within a comfortable aged care home, the funding rules and regulations are extremely complex. As an accredited aged care specialist, we can explain the various fees, charges and tests involved to help determine the right approach for your family.

  • Life Insurance

    Your biggest asset is you, so it makes sense to protect it. At Asparq, we have been helping with personal insurance for half a century.

    Our specialists will help you understand the most important types of cover for your current situation and stage of life. We’ll talk to you about what level of cover is appropriate, and how to make sure your cover is cost-effective, cash flow efficient and accessible when you need it.

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