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General Claims Information

  • What should I do if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident?

    1. Stop!
      Even if your vehicle is not damaged – use headlights and/or hazard lights to warn other traffic and clear the road of any debris if safe to do so.
    2. Check For Injured People
      Call emergency services on 000 for medical and police assistance, if required.
    3. Check Your Vehicle is Drive-able
      If so, move the vehicle to a safe location. If the vehicle is not in a safe condition to be moved, check the ignition is turned off and step away.
    4. Check The Ignition Of All Cars Involved
      Switch off the ignition of all cars involved to avoid a fire risk. In case of fire, call emergency services on 000 for fire and police assistance.
    5. Get The Other Driver Details
      Obtain the name and address, phone number and Registration number of other drivers. Collect other information where possible to complete the incident report form.
    6. Get Witnesses
      Request name and contact details of any witnesses.
    7. Take Photos!
      Photograph damage to other vehicles, including registration plate. Photograph other driver’s licenses, if possible.
    8. If Your Vehicle Needs Towing
      Check for any towing regulations and make appropriate enquiries to have your vehicle towed to the closest repairer or place of safety. Do not drive your vehicle unless safe.
    9. Never Accept Blame For The Accident
      Never accept blame for the accident and there is no need to insist others admit fault either. Simply get the information you need.
    10. For Further Assistance
      Please contact us.
  • What details do I need if I have a motor vehicle accident?

    Accident Details 

    • Date & time of the accident
    • Location of the accident
    • Description of the accident
    • Photos of the damaged vehicles, the surrounding areas and road markings

    Other driver details

    • Name
    • Address
    • Driver’s license no
    • Phone


    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone

    If Police Attended

    • Officers name
    • Station

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