Managed Investments

Managed Investments

We draw on a broad range of investment vehicles to construct our bespoke investment solutions.

Client portfolios typically include a blend of:

Exchange-traded funds (ETF) A Managed Fund that is bought and sold on an exchange such as the ASX. ETFs track the value of an index (ASX200 or S&P500) or commodity rather than try to outperform the market. This investment goes up and down depending on the index or asset that is being tracked. The ETF sector has transformed recently and there are now offerings of active ETF. Most of the ETFs do track an index, however there are a few exceptions that have a different objective such as Ethical ETFs, International Active Equities ETFs, etc.
Direct shares Individual shares directly purchased on the stock exchange.
Listed investment companies (LICs) ¬†An LIC is an investment that is listed on the stock exchange as a company. These are operated by an internal fund manager who manages the company’s investments. LICs issue a fixed number of shares in an IPO and then investors buy and sell these shares.
Managed funds Operated by a fund manager. Your money gets pooled with the money of other investors and is used to buy the investments.The main difference between a managed fund and an ETF is that the ETFs are bought and sold in the market, whereas managed funds are stand alone investments.

Asparq Investment Committee

Our model portfolios, investment views and policies are formulated by our investment committee. The committee is composed of a highly qualified and experienced team of Asparq advisers, and executives with extensive investment experience.

Asparq share portfolios are researched and managed by our in-house specialists as part of the investment committee.

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