Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance
“In FY2017, the value of Australian exports of goods and services was A$373.2 billion. That represented an increase of A$53.7 billion on the previous year’s outcome.” Australian Trade Commission, Australia’s Export Performance in FY2017
Marine transit insurance can help protect businesses involved in shipping or receiving goods, operating watercraft commercially, repairing vessels and running a marina.
Marine transit insurance refers to a range of insurance products that help protect your business from loss or damage to vessels and cargo. It can cover the door to door delivery of goods worldwide, by sea, road, rail and air – including their storage on the way.
Who might consider it?
  • Importer / exporters
  • Marina owners
  • Mining Companies
  • Removalists
  • Tourism Operators
  • Wholesalers
What can it cover?

Policies can differ depending on which one you purchase to suit your needs. They can usually cover:

  • Accidental damage
  • Insured Events
  • Collison
  • Dropping during unloading and offloading
  • Fire, explosion and lightning
  • Impact of goods with external objects other than the conveying vehicle or road
  • Malicious damage

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