Commonwealth Bank of Australia Share Buy-Back

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is offering eligible holders of CBA shares the opportunity to participate in an off-market share buy-back. The buy-back follows continued strong operating performance and the completion of divestments which have resulted in capital in excess of CBA’s requirements. Closing on 1 October 2021, the buy-back is most attractive to low or no tax-paying investors such as superannuation funds, tax-exempt investors and individuals who pay no tax.

Offer details

CBA recently announced plans to acquire up to $6 billion of ordinary shares from investors through an off-market share buy-back. Shareholder participation is voluntary.

  • The minimum buy-back amount will be 100 units.
  • The buy-back will include a fixed capital component of $21.66 and a fully franked dividend (the difference between the buy-back price and the fixed capital component).
  • The combination of the price being paid by CBA and the fully franked dividend results in the value being greater than the current market price of CBA.
  • A better after-tax return may be realised than what is likely to be available when selling directly on market.
  • If the buy-back is popular, shareholders will be subject to scale-back of the shares bought by CBA compared to the amount they have put up for sale.
  • CBA shares may be purchased after the buy-back, however, the share price may increase during the time you are out of the market, reducing the gain from the buy-back.
  • There is no associated cost to participate in this offer.

How to participate

To participate in the buy-back, please get in touch with your Asparq Financial Adviser, visit or complete a hard copy application by the 29 September 2021. To find out more please read the CBA Share Buy-Back booklet.


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