Our advisers will discuss your personal circumstances and level of involvement in your superannuation so that we can give you an informed recommendation.

This will usually cover options such as:

Industry funds Industry superannuation funds are not for profit super funds that were originally created by trade unions and industry bodies to provide for workers in retirement. These mutual funds are now open to anyone, rather than those in that specific industry.
Retail Superannuation Funds Retail superfunds are usually run by financial institutions.
Superannuation wraps A superannuation wrap as the name suggests allows you to wrap your super portfolio such as managed funds, shares, bonds etc into one account. This is an alternative to SMSF and appeals to some due to the involvement it allows you to have in your investments.
Self-managed super funds A SMSF is a private superannuation fund managed by you.

Superannuation Contributions

One of the most effective ways to increase your retirement nest egg is by making extra contributions to your superannuation prior to retirement, these strategies could also allow you to reduce your personal tax liability in some instances. Contributions after retirement are also available albeit at much reduced scale.

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